Create a waiting list of customers.


It's a drag to work with clients that aren't a perfect fit. If you're business isn't set up to attract more clients than you need, you're left taking whatever you can get. And that's a cycle that causes you energy-drain and frustration.

How To Gain A Waiting List Of Clients

Hand-selecting the clients you want to work with just became realistic for you. In fact, it's within easy arm's reach by shifting just a few things in your business.

1. Focus on those on the fence.

Your audience includes three groups:
- people that are ready to pay you money for what you do
- people that like you and what you have to say, but will never pay you any money
- people that are on the fence

Your job is to focus your marketing to the people on the fence.

2. Be different in a significant way.

What thing--or group of things--convince customers to hire you versus your competitor? If you don't know the answer to that question -- the real answer -- you've come to the right place.

By designing your business around something people desire, clients clamor to work with you. You begin building your ever-growing waiting list.

3. Create a customer experience that swoons.

The goal behind a phenomenal customer experience is free marketing.


Because when you amaze and delight the few customers you have today, they'll tell everyone they know about you. It's human behavior. They can't help it.

That's free marketing (and who couldn't use some free marketing?).

Entrepreneurs that work on the 3 things above discover their formula for building a waiting list. They gain the ability to hand-select the clients they want to work with.

Sounds kinda nice, doesn't it?

Start building your waiting list